What is the ALNWFLRSC Purpose?

The ALABAMA NORTH WEST FLORIDA REGIONAL SERVICE COMMITTEE OF NARCOTICS ANONYMOUS is to be supportive of its areas and groups and their primary purpose by linking together the areas and groups within its region; by helping areas and groups with their basic situations and needs; and by encouraging the growth of the fellowship.

A REGIONAL SERVICE COMMITTEE (RSC) is a committee made up of the RCMs (Regional Committee Members) representing all the areas within the boundaries of the region. This service committee is designed to provide services to its member areas. An Areas Service Committee (ASC) and an RSC are similar in nature and purpose, but their respective functions are slightly different. While an ASC serves the specific needs of its individual member groups, an RSC serves the common needs of its member areas. The Alabama North West Florida Region serves three basic functions:

1. The primary function of this RSC is to unify the areas within this region. 2. The secondary function of the RSC is to carry the message of recovery through subcommittee actions. 3. The third function of this RSC is to contribute to the growth of Narcotics Anonymous, both by initiating work to be finalized at the World Service Conference and by helping our world services.